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 Plant Medicine Retreats



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About us

Since 2007 we offer a variety of retreats in Portugal, mainly fasting and ZEN Meditation retreats. Since summer 2021 we offer healing plant ceremonies. The purpose of Ayualgarve is to help you heal and reconnect to who you really are. In small groups or even private ceremonies you will get all the care and guidance you need... So entrust yourself to the healing energy of this old plant medicine and journey with us to discover your SELF. 

Start: About us
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       About the plant ceremony

We started Ayualgarve based on our deep exploration of the true SELF. Our retreats are located in the most stunning and peaceful settings, so that you can enjoy a profound  and healing experience that will open the gate to live fully in deep connection and appreciation of all life forms. Each ceremony is a unique healing experience and needs a serious preparation. One of the most important elements is a deep trust in yourself, the plant medicine and the process that it will start. It is all about healing and can therefore also bring you in contact with aspects of yourself that you might not be aware of or that you might know but that still need to be adressed. In general the plants we use carry a very compassionate, motherly energy. Still there might also be painful phases or experiences - however always with the intention to bring healing and not more suffering. We will therefore inform you thoroughly about what is necessary some time before the actual retreat: READ THE INTAKE INSTRUCTIONS! Some of the elements are for example to not drink coffee or alcohol at least 72 hours before the journey. If you take medication or any recreational drugs you must inform us under all circumstances! You also have to confirm a certain stability  health. You are fully responsible to provide us with any kind of information that might disturb the journey. The better the preparation and attitude of openness and trust, the more rewarding your journey will be. You might even  feel a bit shaky by the time the journey comes close: It is simply an indication that your body-mind is realizing how serious and existential the experience is. Don't worry: the Spirit of the plant is calling you on a path of healing, joy and peace!


Danke für's Absenden!

"Beyond right and wrong

there is a field

where we will meet .."                                                  Rumi

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